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Talent & Hiring
Talent & Hiring

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Paul Raso
Associate Director, Analytics

Yes, absolutely- but you should keep them short and sweet. The reason why you should conduct them is straightforward, it's because you want to get feedback on what you (or your company) is doing well, and what you can improve... (More)

Hi Flenn,

By designing operational systems and processes alongside core values.  If the operational delivery of a product or service conflicts with core company values [the essence of a brand] there is a problem.

One approach I tool was to... (More)

Amir GanjeiiTechToronto Member
Founder - Product Lead at

I use upwork and fiverr.com71 a lot! for small gigs, they offer high quality yet affordable price.

Using Fiverr, I found two people from India that are helping me with leg works in digital marketing world. something like comment marketing... (More)

Alex Norman
TechTO Co Founder & AngelList Canada Partner

This is a complex question with no clear answer but I will provide my opinion anyways ;).  

The key thing that Canada's ecosystem needs is time. Eventually several companies will succeed in scaling. The people at those scaled companies... (More)