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Startup Governance
Startup Governance


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Mayur Gadhia
Founder, CloudAct CPA Professional Corporation

At an early-stage, the sweat equity is ideal compensation model for two reasons: 

  1. Reduce the strain on your limited cash flow - so you deploy that cash in the operation
  2. Skin in the game is a great way to motivate... (More)
Mayur Gadhia
Founder, CloudAct CPA Professional Corporation

It's fairly straight forward to incorporate at the provincial and/or at the federal level in Canada. Majority of the sign-up can be completed online. If you've outside investors or plan to raise capital, you should consider professional advice to ensure... (More)

Alex Norman
TechTO Co Founder & AngelList Canada Partner

Advisory boards don't have formal obligations to any stakeholders and the goal can be customized depending on what they are being used for, as such there is not a one size fits all answer to this question.

I will give... (More)

Amir GanjeiiTechToronto Member
Founder - Product Lead at

We do Scrum / Agile for software development. we started implementing agile concepts when the team grow to 5 developers. the problems we had
1- daily standup meetings! it seems funو but at the beginning people don't see any value... (More)