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Professional Development
Professional Development


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Alyona Kalachova
Integrated Marketing Strategist

Hi Carl,

Firstly, welcome to Canada!

Secondly, I understand your frustration as I moved to Canada myself three years ago... from a non-english-speaking country, by the way. I got lucky at some level as I had always worked with multinational companies... (More)

Amir GanjeiiTechToronto Member
Founder - Product Lead at

Hi Carl.

I moved to Canada almost 3 years ago, started my own software dev shop here had almost the same problem, how to get clients and have people trust me. 

For me it took 4 months to get the first client and during that period I was super ac... (More)

Lia Gibson
Operations at TechTO

Welcome to Toronto Amir! My suggestion would be to get out to events and network with people already active in the community. TechTO39 has a ton of great events and I would also checkout blogTO,38 Meetup.com38, Narcity40 and Betakit43 to find out about local... (More)

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