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Marketing and Growth
Marketing and Growth


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Alex Norman
TechTO Co Founder & AngelList Canada Partner

This is hard to answer without more context. Who is your target market? What are you selling? What is the average price point. If you provide more details you will be get a better answer.

Without those insights, I would suggest that you focus on del... (More)

Jerry Mathew, MBA, BEng
Product Manager (Data + AI) - IBM Cloud

I would highly recommend that you identify the specific customer segment that you are targeting and position your product for them. For example, if you are in the early stages of the product, identify the drivers that would help attract early adopt... (More)

There is no panacea in marketing - Search to drive and delivery on intent is one; and Facebook is another.  But one of my smallest clients just did a killer program on radio that deliverey massive ROI..... 

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