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Investing & Raising Capital
Investing & Raising Capital


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Alex Norman
TechTO Co Founder & AngelList Canada Partner

You should raise capital when you have a concrete plan on how you will use it and can demonstrate that by executing the plan you will improve your business.

The type of capital you raise may depend on the use... (More)

Alex Norman
TechTO Co Founder & AngelList Canada Partner

There are many active angels in Toronto. The ones you should be targeting depend on your market/product, how much capital you need and the advice/help you want from them.

For example if you are starting a local marketplace company I... (More)

  1. Kickstarter. It's a recognized and trusted name with a long list of success stories. 
  2. Indiegogo. Similar to Kickstarter, its a trusted name in crowdfunding. 
  3. RocketHub. More geared towards entrepreneurs specifically. 

There are crowdfunding platforms that are more geared... (More)