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Donald Barrett
Sales Consultant
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What strategies have you found successful when it comes to working with and managing a small team?

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1-on-1 Lunches. I take out team members to Lunch to create a personal connection and to smooth out any possible team drama or past conflicts. Working with people, small things build up so you need to pay back that debt with personal time.

Quarterly Summits. Every 3 months I take out the entire team to an all day event. Has the same outcome as 1-on-1 lunches but across the entire team.

Champion Personal Goals. Gain more cooperation by helping team members to achieve personal goals on the project. Even if you think the change is benign to them they are really important. This will improve cooperation and most people will  then work hard to assist in your goals even if they don't think they are relevant.

Escalate and Resolve. If you feel there is a problem within your team, someone is being passive aggressive do not work around the problem to avoid it escalating, let it escalate so you can then pull that person privately aside and find the root cause and resolve it.

Ashleigh CollinsTechToronto Team
Head of Operations at TechToronto

Daily: Daily stand-ups are also a great way for the team to stay aligned and up to speed on what actions are being taken to achieve the weekly sprint. These should include your entire working team. 

Weekly: I'm a big fan of weekly working sessions with each of my team members individually. This allows us to problem solve together in an efficient manner. During this time we also establish priorities for the upcoming week, and get aligned on what that team member should be focusing on. 

Monthly: Walk & Talks; a time to check in and see how your team member is feeling inside and outside of your work environment, brainstorm on higher level ideas, and motive and inspire each other through conversation. Should be done individually.