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Donald Barrett
Sales Consultant
Asked a question 9 months ago

What are some strategies you used for deciding on and setting KPIs?

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I normally map the sales journey, find the outputs of the process or processes and set the KPIs accordingly, remember to measure outcomes rather than inputs, common mistake. instead of # of visits, # of deals after 1,3,6 of visits. them find which segment is performing better or which agent, etc you get the idea. 

Quoting myself from a blurb on strategic planning in general:

"The leaders of a company typically have some vision for what they want the company to look like in the future. Creating a strategic plan means working out the realities of that vision. This vision could be achieving a certain level of profit, size, reputation, or any other objective. In a strategic plan, the objective needs to be defined, and it should be measurable in some way. There could also be multiple objectives.

Figuring out how long it will take to reach the objective is next, and should include the definition of metrics that best indicate progress. This will vary wildly across industries and companies. Generally, at least a few metrics should be chosen that can be checked regularly, and relate strongly to the objective of the company. Examples include subscriber count, volume of product sold, product quality, and of course profit. In every case, a metric should be capable of being reported as a number, which may sometimes require agreeing on how something will be measured (such as reputation). Forcing a metric to be reported as a number helps to create a clear definition for that metric, and helps progress be measured more consistently.

In defining all of the above, scope is important. Although it may seem odd, when defining objectives and metrics, it is important to note what is not within their definition. If your company’s objective is to be the biggest producer of wood matches, you may note in your strategic plan that this objective does not include branching into lighters, but that it may include paper matches if certain, defined circumstances are met. The point is to carefully set the scope early, rather than have it slowly morph without anyone noticing."